Although Chappie has been running his Grayhawk campaign for many a year it was only in Dec 05 that I finally joined the fray. Like most sad bastards/long time gamers the system used is pretty unique to Chappie, its a hybrid of AD&D & Chappies warped mind.

I found out, very quickly, how easy it is to die in Chappies game, my first character lasting all of about five minutes, his replacement hit fifth level in under two weeks, one extreme to the other, before, alas, dying in a flurry of blood.

Finally Chappie has produced a web based log (about bloody time) I've never played with a more devious, pedantic, scurrilous, backstabbing bunch of rogues as gather around his table, the political intrigue & paranoid scrabblings are fascinating to listen to & partake in, check it out at "World of Grayhawk"

Also have a look at Ace & the Dog, Mr F is a regular at this game & does keep a record of his own characters exploits, so if you want to know more either go check out the RPG pages on his website.

For my own sad piece of mind I'll keep a record of the, no doubt, endless characters who I manage to "loose" in Chappies twisted game world, I make no apologies if the storey line centres around my own, no doubt numerous characters, after all it is me writing the bloody thing. It will also become apparent that the records omit swathes of information as it can only tell of events that my own characters are directly involved in or told of by one of my fellow players characters.

EDIT - Regretably due to a changes of employment I can't make Chappies Tuesday night game at the moment, damm, bugger & bollocks, so for the moment Keros E'an - Chapter Six is the last entry however there might follow Keros E'an's blogs concerning the life of an impoverished cowardly pyromaniacal druid stuck in a city populated by funny looking humans.

Kastus Clayus 4802 - 4824

Kreosot D'fyns 4797 - Whereabouts unknown

Krako V'ybutt 4819 - 4844

Krei Ffryedem 4823 - 4844

Keros Ea'n 4673 - Whereabouts unknown



OK, so one thing & another I've been away from Chappies gaming table for some considerable time, a couple of years almost. A month or so back (June 2014) I sadly attended the funeral of a much loved & respected dude by the name of Chris Horsfall, one of the good guys. Anyway, many were gathered there, some I see often, some I see occaisionally & some I'm embarressed to say I've not seen for many a year. Now Lord Chappie was there there along with his good lady Mistress Tillie & it brought it all home, you only live once so make the effort & get off your arse. As a consequence I'm now rolling dice with Chappie & co, smiles all the way.It turns out that Lord Chappies game has digressed, a few have gone in opposite directions & the long running world of Greyhawk has been set aside by the Game of Thrones inspired Iron Realms. It's still however mayhem & bloody good fun to boot. Chappie doesn't currently put pen to paper to produce a game a log but for those who are remotely interested my character(s) are described below.

Koosh'ti - (House of Arrakan) Lord of Shadows aka The Grim Reaper
1092 - ??? Whereabouts definately known but not talked about in polite or delicate company

1102 - Still Kicking

EDIT - August 2014 & we've just come to the end of a chapter & with the characters having achieved goals beyond imagination there was a communal agreement to retire them from active play & start afresh ten years down the line with a bunch of freshies. Along with the new beginings Lord Chappy has, sighed, & taken up the pen to produce a log of the new game as long as somebody else hosts it for him so read his words of wisdom here along with a summary of world events in the Iron Realms;

The Iron Realm's - What's Gone Before

The Iron Realm's (Days of the Wolf) - Game Logs

The Iron Realm's (Dalethorpe Pocket Book Adventure) - Game Logs


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