Guns for Hire - Script Sixty Eight


Laguna de Los Patos Aeropuerto, Colonia del Sacramento 1.23pm 03/12/17

For a moment, as Alex's words rang in his deafened ears, Vrasten considered jacking the car into drive & attempting to cross the overgrown fields between the hanger & the buildings. Before he could act however twin spotlight beams suddenly burst into view dancing across the fields towards them from the direction of the main highway, he assumed they were from the underside of a searching police helicopter.

Beside him Alex swore violently. Hands slippery with blood, her own & T-Bird's, she awkwardly loaded a fresh clip into the IM-14 & bellowed at Vrasten to hit the gas.

Vrasten almost complied, almost but not quite, from the back seat Skinpin threw in his two dimes worth,

"We're done for now Alex, game over. T-Bird's fucked, you & Vrasty boy are shot to shit & pretty soon the whole fuckin' lot of em' are gonna' be shootin' at us like ducks in a barrel if we try & run for it"

Alex, refusing to accept Skinpin's defeatism repeated her demand for Vrasten to get his shit together & drive.

Calmly Vrasten looked across at Alex & then over his shoulder at T-Bird splayed across the back seat as Skinpin continued to try & staunch his many seeping wounds. With a final glance at Alex he sighed & in one fluid movement hoicked the keys out of the ignition & flicked them out of the shattered side window before smiling serenely at Alex,

"Skinpin's got it right Alex. Let the lawyers sought this one out & when everybody's had their pound of flesh we do a little dance, pay the ferry man & go home all the wiser. This ain't Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid"

Fuming at their perceived cowardice Alex snarled incoherently at Vrasten before striking him viciously in the face with the butt of the Ingram. More astonished realy than physically hurt by her actions Vrasten resisted the urge to slip the Colt AMT2000 from his lap & plug her in the guts. Ignoring Skinpin's protest at her violence towards Vrasten Alex sprang from the stranded car & clutching the MAC fled into the darkness.

From the back seat Skinpin watched Vrasten's eyes in the rear view mirror for any sign of reaction, after a few seconds Vrasten, fresh blood trickling from his swollen lip, raised his pistol & withdrew the clip before dropping both out of the window.

In the back Skinpin relaxed & withdrew his stash pouch from a hidden pocket,

"Fancy a toke while we wait ?"

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